About me

I was born in Switzerland and raised in Belgium, but I’m half American and half Norwegian. I now call Oslo, Norway home, and I am the co-founder of Leela Yoga Studio in the heart of the city. While I work and live in Norway, I lead retreats internationally which focus on infusing the beauty of travel and the magic of yoga. I find inspiration in books and I love fearless entrepreneurs, a warm sandy beach and planning my next meal.

D eeply inspired by the innate and subtle ability the body has to heal, I try to create a space for reflection, spontaneity and noticing the smallest of whispers of the body. Teaching and weaving together my many influences, my classes are filled with intention, curiosity and self-exploration. With an inquisitive heart, I love to sequence classes that guide and empower my students to soften the nervous system through asana and to lean into presence and a nourishing self-expression.

My morning routine is meditation, yoga, journaling, and warm water with lemon
The world needs more forgiveness
I believe in the power and rhythm of nature
Love is gentle, daring and nourishing
I can’t get enough of sweet potatoes, the power of words, homemade granola, seasons, books, yoga pants, green juices, spirituality, beautiful photography and the sound of rain
Yoga is my creative outlet to empower people to feel alive
In 2016 I want to change the way women view their femininity and the way men treat it.
My mantra for life is “Everything happens for a reason”

My Offerings

Come find me at Leela Yoga every week where I teach all my classes in English. I teach a blend of Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative, and love to weave my many influences into my classes so they are truly unique. Keep a lookout for my weekly classes and my retreats.