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About Me

Well hello there!


I'm Kelsi and I am here to help normalize the 4th trimester, give you heaps of tips and tricks for planning your postpartum and leave you feeling empowered.


I am an educator



A mother

And still postpartum...

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Some fun facts about me: 

1. Yoga changed my life when I was bitten by a puff adder in South Africa and almost lost my life 10 years ago. ⁠⁠
2. I then co-founded and started a Yoga Studio in Oslo, Norway. Was such a dream and a pivotal experience in my entrepreneurial life. ⁠⁠
3. Before giving birth I wanted to be a birth doula. After birth, I knew I needed to be a postpartum doula
4. My postpartum experience has made me a postpartum visionary, I believe in the ever-evolving mother because she is born again and again with each child
5. I believe rest is fearless⁠
6. My goal with my work is to keep it simple, realistic, and possible for all postpartum people. ⁠⁠
7. My mission is to revolutionize the way we show up for postpartum culture and motherhood through evidence-based research mixed with traditional wisdom and self-care so that a community of mothers emerge feeling empowered, healed, and celebrated.⁠⁠
8. I confuse a lot of people about where I'm from and where I live, so here is why! My mother is American and my father is Norwegian but I grew up in Belgium and I was born in Switzerland. Any other 3rd culture kids out there? ⁠⁠
9. Today I live in Copenhagen Denmark and if I could, I'd live here forever. It's my favorite city⁠ 💕⁠
10. I have a daughter and it’s so obvious to us that she has lived very many lives before this one. She is our wise elder and teaches us, again and again, to slow down and just cuddle more. 
11. I love love love finding the next best restaurant or cafe, the sound of rain, pain au chocolat, hiking, puzzles, and reading. Oh my, books are my love language. ⁠⁠



Earth Medicine School
Level 1+2

Gaiatri Yoga 300-Hr RYT


Birth Story Medicine 

Relax and Renew® Restorative Training

Yin Yoga
50 HR

Cecile Roubaud

Certified Holistic Health Coach | AADP

Yandara Yoga 200-hr RYT

Innate Postpartum Care  Practitioner 

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