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The Postpartum Map 

A Planning Session to Design your First Year Postpartum 


Are you worried about not being prepared for life as a new mother?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there on how to prepare for your postpartum? 

Do you feel grief or sadness for how your last postpartum went? 


Do you wish you had a set of practices, exercises, resources and lists to help you for the fourth trimester and beyond?

The postpartum period isnt always easy
but it can be empowering

In our session together:

-We will create a toolbox for your first-year postpartum. Think of this as your roadmap to help you navigate the highs and lows of those first 12 months.

-You will feel steady and certain about what to prepare and what will guide you in the fourth trimester as a new mom. 


-You will become clear about what you need for the postpartum and beyond. 

-You will feel ready and excited to nourish yourself as a mamma of a newborn. 


-You will have an emotional coping toolbox


-You will learn what realistic expectations to actually have in the first 4 months

-You will know what to have on hand for your physical recovery


-You will know how to celebrate yourself with rituals to weave into each month after birth


-You will learn what true postpartum support looks like


All of these things will be looked at through the lens of the nervous system, postpartum wellbeing, baby development and matrescence (pretty much the adolescence stage we go through but as mothers) 


We will dive into the first 12 months after birth and not just the first 12 weeks. Yes, let's plan for the 4th trimester but lets also look at the extended postpartum period. This is how we emerge feeling empowered, nourished and celebrated as mothers. 

What is included: 

-A 90-min Zoom call

-A personalized postpartum Map E-mailed to you

-Inwards workbook 

-Postpartum Guide E-Book

-Personalized Resources

Investment: $199

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