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Doula Business Mentoring


Our passion is a portal to our business. 


I've been self-employed and running my own business since 2012. And I'll be the first to say that it was terrifying that first time I took the leap. But what got me through it and has kept me going is mentorship. I've had a coach or mentor in some capacity for 9 years now to help me move through fear, get excited about launching a new offer, support me through all the celebrations, and help my backend with website logistics and e-mail lists.  


After I sold my Yoga studio in Oslo, I started to mentor newly graduated yoga teachers. And I did this till I gave birth to my daughter. I actually still get e-mails from my past clients telling me how much working together impacted them and where they are now. Those are my absolute favorite e-mails. Today I mentor doulas, helping them create a business that is not only successful but thriving! 


So what can I offer now?


Well, my zone of genius is lighting a fire under your tush so you get going. I'm all for trusting the universe, but let's be honest sometimes you need a strong foundation, some strategy, someone checking in on you, and a plan to get things rolling.




  1. I had one client who had taken 3 different doula trainings in 2 years and still had never felt "ready" to share her work or say goodbye to her full-time job. Two months working with me and she went down 50% at her full-time job because she had so many clients to work with. Six months later she quit her full-time job and is a full-time doula. 

  2. A postpartum doula who didn't have a website, a mission, a product and felt lost. She wanted to get going. Three months together and she had created a 6-week course for her clients and built HER OWN WEBSITE! Also, her mission and purpose is stronger than ever

  3. A birth doula client who had a million ideas and as a result, everything felt watered down. After 1 month together she had a product suite aka a road map for her clients to plugin and 6 months' worth of workshops and webinars to host.

  4. An Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula who had just completed her training but didn't know how to get clients, what she could offer, how much she should charge, and how to get a website going. By the end of our session, she had 4 detailed doula packages with descriptions and prices, a resource list for her clients, a landing page for people to find her, an outline for an e-book to gift clients, and an action plan on how to get her first clients. Did I mention this was just one 90-min session?! 


You get the gist. I keep my clients accountable, I get them started and excited and I make sure they feel confident to go at it without me after we are complete. I don't ever want you to feel like you can't do it without me.


So If you are:

  • Mission-less and Vision-less

  • Confused about marketing on Social Media and want tips and tricks 

  • Have zero strategies and are in need of a business plan

  • Wanting to launch a website, course, product, e-mail list but don't know-how

  • Needing support and feedback

  • Wanting to create a product suite (The top way to start bringing in income!) 

  • Not sure what your offerings could look like

  • Desiring to get comfortable in selling your services and marketing yourself 

  • Wanting a sustainable and consistent income 

  • Not sure how to price your offerings

  • Wanting to create and run your own postpartum planning sessions 

  • Don't know where to start with your lead generation (The top way for clients to find you!) 

I've been there. A million times actually.  And now I want to support you so that you can feel confident and excited about supporting families and mothers in your community. We need your work in the world, why not get some support from me! 

The Process 


You will get an e-mail from me so we can get super clear before our first chat 


We create a framework and a roadmap for our time together. You'll get homework and assignments so you start seeing changes immediately. 


You and your business begin to thrive. And you have the tools to continue growing even after we have finished working together. 

The Outcome

Our goal in working together is to create a thriving business on your own terms. To build something from your passion and make it reliable, an honest reflection of you, and sustainable. My wish is for you to leave our sessions together feeling excited and confident in what you offer and how you will make this your career and not just a hobby. 

Define is a 6-week mentorship with me.  It's like a BootCamp for your business. We get to dive into all areas of your business and really make a big impact on the work you do as a doula.  

  • 4x 60-min Calls

  • Weekly Assignments 

  • Weekly Feedback

  • 6-weeks of direct e-mail contact with me

  • Resources and handouts

Investment: $900

Clarity is a 1 x 90 min call with me and we will dive deep into anything you're working with and need help trouble shooting. 

  • 1x 60-min Call

  • Follow up e-mail with session notes

Investment: $399

Remember, the difference between a hobby and a successful business is selling your services. Make your passion your dream job. And don't forget, never attach yourself to an organization or brand, attach yourself only to your mission and purpose. The more you stand true in your calling the more you embody yourself as the leader in your own business. 

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