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A Workbook for Designing your Postpartum Period 


Are you worried about not being prepared for life as a new mother?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there on how to prepare for your postpartum? 

Do you feel grief or sadness for how your last postpartum went? 


Do you wish you had a set of practices, exercises, and lists to help you for the fourth trimester?

The postpartum period isnt always easy 

In this workbook:

-You will feel steady and certain about what to prepare and what will guide you in the fourth trimester as a new mom. 


-You will become clear about what you need for the postpartum. 

-You will feel ready and excited to nourish yourself as a mamma of a newborn. 


-You will be guided with inquiry, daily practices to regulate your nervous system, knowing who should be on your support team, how to create a postpartum basket, what to eat, book recommendations, and writing prompts to prepare you emotionally and mentally for this monumental shift in your life. 


A 26-page workbook to help you connect with yourself, prepare for your postpartum and feel nourished in the fourth trimester. 

Written with three phases in mind; The Pause, The Practical and The Passage.


Each are filled with



-Daily practices


-Book recommendations

-Nervous system regulating techniques

-Creating a postpartum basket

-Nourishing food

-And so much more 

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Inwards Sessions 

If you wish for a 1-1 Postpartum planning session where I look at your individual needs and you get a personalized plan, I offer the

'Inwards Sessions'. 

What you can expect:


-A 60-min call

-A personalized plan E-mailed to you

-Inwards workbook included

-E-mail support 


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