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Mentoring • Becoming

Clarity • Define 

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1 Hour
For the Teacher who Needs a Quick Check-In


Think of this as a check-in call. Gain some clarity around any lingering questions. Help with charging what you are worth? How to organize your finances? Having trouble balancing teaching and your personal practice? Want to plan a retreat but don’t know where to start? All questions are welcome and encouraged.​

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1 Month 
For the Teacher who hasn't Started Teaching Yet or needs a Pick-Me Up 

Many of us take our first 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and don’t immediately go out and teach. Life happens, we choose to travel and fall in love or start a new job. But later down the road, we feel the call and the urge to share what we know and love. The biggest obstacle is not the years you have not been teaching but your fear of beginning. This month together we will define your why, your unique voice, your special offerings and how to share your passion.

You will:

-Reclaim your voice and truth as a teacher

-Confidently charge what you are worth

-Recognize your unique message and what makes you stand out

-Create a thriving home practice and routine for self-care

-Get support with creating inspiring and creative class sequences

-Implement systems and processes into your life for true work-life balance

- Be supported in how to craft workshops, retreats, and courses

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