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A 40-Day Online Course for Self-Mothering 


This is for all the mammas, mothers, mums and moms out there. At any phase in life; the newborn, toddler, teenage or the empty nester. For those who need a little bit of self-mothering; this is for you. 


40-days to reflect, refine and refill.

Why should you take this course

  1. You want to take time for yourself, but you struggle to make this happen

  2. When you do find time for yourself you don’t spend it in a way that helps improve your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing

  3. You already have a self care practice but you lack a supporting community of mothers who share the same aspirations as you do

What you will learn by the end of the course


  • Why caring for yourself should be a top priority for you as a mother and how to talk to the people in your life about this

  • How to develop or add to your self-mothering toolbox with a set of varied practices for you to improve your wellbeing

  • How to care for yourself on a physical, mental, emotional and soul level

The Course Outline

We begin May 10th and there are 4 modules. 


Module 1: My Body

Module 2: My Mind

Module 3: My Emotions

Module 4: My Soul


Each module consists of daily action steps. These exercises vary from inquiry, guided practices with guest teachers, Nervous System regulation, resource pages, journaling, creative work and physical movement. 

Guest Teachers:

Nidra with Jana Roemer

Breathwork with Michelle Baker

Maternal Journal with Fanny Pogson 

Movement Class with Kathleen Rowan 

Myofascial Release with Sadie Dawn 

How the course works

  • A private instagram page with lifetime access when I run the course. **

  • Weekly Zoom calls

  • PDF resource guides and downloadable practices

  • 40-days of content filled with engagement and encouragement. In written and video format.

**You will have access to the course material for 3 months. After the 3 months it will be taken down. However, you will have lifetime access to the course when I run it in the future. Each time I run it I will have new tools. My hope is that when I run it in the future you will join in for the joy in being with other mothers and as a refresher for your toolbox!

What Others Have Said


Launching 2022

About me


I am the mother of a 22-month-old daughter and I'm a Postpartum Doula, living in Copenhagen Denmark. 


Before becoming pregnant I had the strongest of boundaries, taking good care of myself as a yoga teacher and studio owner. It wasn’t always like this, I burned out fast 7 years ago and had to learn these lessons on what I needed and when. I believed I could use those same practices from the same toolbox when I became a mother. I was wrong.


Motherhood changed everything for me. Within a month of the journey, I realized I was losing myself. My partner and family would help carve out some time for myself but when I was left alone to “self-care” I would have zero tools that felt appropriate. My body was new, my mind felt foggy, my nervous system was wondering how my daughter was and emotionally I was all over the place.


I realized I couldn’t go back and use the same tools because I was no longer that same person. Everything online felt trivial and impossible in my new role, and nothing spoke to a mother's lifestyle.  I've spent months refining, practicing, gathering and diving into what I feel is true “self-care” for mothers.


Today, I am committed to guiding and supporting other mothers with me on this journey. As we learn what really taking care of ourselves looks like in our reality of motherhood. Together we can self mother and model to our families and children what self-care feels like.

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