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Postpartum Care 



I am so honored you have found your way here. I am a mother and postpartum doula that provides evidence-based and mother-centered care in the weeks and months after birth.  The 4th trimester is an opportunity to fully receive and to feel deeply nourished and supported. I offer all of this and so much more here in Copenhagen, Denmark. ​

Imagine this, 

You wake up in the morning, and at your bedside, your partner has left you a note:


“Enjoy the morning with her, you deserve the support and care! I love you.”


You look to your right where your newborn is curled into your body, loving your closeness and smell, you don't want to wake them so you take a moment to just soak it up. But your belly is rumbling and the thought of making breakfast feels a bit daunting. It's your first day alone, your partner has gone back to work and this is all so new. The uncertainty begins to take over.


But before you know it, she rings the doorbell. You open the door and smile, but tears start to run down your face and a flood of emotions take over you. You are sleep deprived, sore from birth, still bleeding, and now starving. The last time you saw her was the week before your birth. You are different now, a newborn mother holding her newborn baby.


She smiles back, gives you a big hug, and says “Let's make you some breakfast and a warm nourishing drink.” 

The hours that follow are filled with birth storytelling, lactation goodies, a shoulder to cry on, some good laughs, a warm nourishing breakfast, and so many elixirs and teas that you feel so full you are not sure if your heart, belly, or womb can take anymore.


She tells you to go do something for yourself, you place the baby in her arms and go take the warmest of showers, with herbal compresses and soothing body oils. You hold your body, like you hold your baby, with tenderness and utter love and awe.


As you emerge from the shower, your cup is filled. You feel restored and capable for the day ahead. The time together has come to an end, but before she goes she sets you up on the couch, with a baby on your chest, sound asleep, she hands you a warm lunch that can be eaten with one hand, a selection of drinks, a book for your soul and a charge for your phone. She says “I'll see you next week, and remember you are not alone. You can text me at any hour of any day. I'm here for you not just with physical support but mental and emotionally too” 

You smile.


You are fed, nourished and you feel so seen.


Your doubts of not being able to handle the following days alone begin to dissolve, You are fully supported, nurtured, and feel empowered in your role as a mother. 

This is my dream for you. This is my dream as a postpartum doula. I Can't wait for you to be a part of this vision. 

You can book a discovery call with me or e-mail me with any questions! I'm here for you. 

Postpartum Packages

Next Steps

If you are curious and have questions let's hop on a Free 30-min call to chat and get to know each other. It's important for me that you feel safe and excited to work with me before investing! If you are ready to get started now without a discovery call e-mail me here and let's book our first in-person session! 

Postpartum Facts 

In a British NHS study Only 45% of women felt they received enough information or advice about postpartum healing and how to care for themselves.⁠ ⁠Having support on the other side helped women emotionally and physically heal. 

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