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Do you feel the desire to bring postpartum awareness into your community and your work with clients?

Postpartum Facilitator Training 2024

The Postpartum Facilitator Training & certification is a 6-month online group training, designed for professionals who want to bring knowledge and awareness about the postpartum to their clients, communities, and peers.  


If you work with people who have given birth, or have an interest in postpartum care, this is a pivotal moment in our time to have an impact and empower the lives of your clients and community members by integrating postpartum awareness and matrescence knowledge into your unique skillset. 


Why should you take this Training: 

  • You meet postpartum clients through your work but you feel you're lacking postpartum knowledge 

  • You have your own personal postpartum experience but feel resourceless when it comes to making use of it to help others  

  • You have trained in topics related to birth/postpartum and want more in-depth knowledge and to continue to learn  


Who this training is for:

Are you a doula, teacher, coach, mentor, therapist, lawyer, yoga and pilates teacher, mother, caregiver, grandparent, social worker, midwife, physical therapist, nurse, naturopath, childbirth educator, student, women's circle facilitator, holistic health specialist, hairdresser, breathwork teacher, masseuse, business creative, movement teacher, bodyworker..anyone who comes in contact with postpartum parents in their profession? This is for you. 

We can't do this alone. It only takes 10% of our society to change culture, and that 10% is postpartum facilitators. It's you.

A revolutionary approach to postpartum education. Grounded in traditional postpartum wisdom, and supported by evidence-based research.

What you will gain by the end of the Training

Training Outline

Initiation: September 22nd-December 1st


Module 1 The Postpartum Foundation

Module 2 The Postpartum Body

Module 3 The Postpartum Self

Module 4 The Postpartum Culture

Separation: December 1st-January 15th


Module 5 The 4th Trimester

Integration: January 15th-March 22nd 


Module 6 The Postpartum in Depth

Module 7 The Postpartum Ecosystem

Module 8 The Postpartum Map

  1. Foundational education in postpartum care with insights into the parental brain, matresence, physiological and psychological changes of the postpartum period, and much much more

  2. A wider vocabulary around postpartum that helps you understand and connect with your community and your clients

  3. What postpartum care looks like around the world, the universal postpartum principles, and the importance of evidence-based care.  

  4. The Future of postpartum care and the impact of social media on the postpartum period 

  5. Connections and friendships with like-minded professionals

  6. Skills on how to help postpartum families navigate hurdles and triggers

  7. Confidence to share postpartum awareness with your clients in 1-1 settings, groups, and online

  8. Postpartum tools, tips, and resources to share with your clients and build your professional skillset

  9. Wisdom you can put toward the global movement to help change the postpartum culture


Applications are Now Closed for 2023! 


Free Webinar

Want to get a feel for the training and what I am like teaching? (aka a total tech newbie but a big postpartum nerd!)


Here is the replay for the Matrescence, Mommy Influencers and Melatonin Webinar. 

“Having a baby is a psychological revolution that changes our relation to almost everything and everyone. Priorities shift, roles are redefined, and the balance between freedom and responsibility undergoes a massive overhaul.” Ester Peril 

About Kelsi:

Hi! I'm Kelsi! I am a mother, postpartum educator, doula, yoga teacher, and business mentor. I've got a thing for historical art showing motherhood, chocolate rice cakes, and supporting the work of gutsy postpartum professionals in their communities. When I'm not scouring the internet for the next best place to eat, I'm training professionals to become postpartum pioneers. 

Im a postpartum maven on a mission to teach realistic postpartum education for professionals, creatives & community advocates who are ready to care with confidence and show up for more postpartum families. This training is the missing piece and I cant wait to share it.

  • How is the training delivered?
    Everything is 100% online and can be accessed worldwide. Each module contains a mix of self-study video lessons, live calls, reading material, further resources and access to our online community.
  • Do I need to be working with Postpartum clients to take this training?
    Nope! I believe this training can be taken by anyone who is interested in the postpartum. Grandparents, policy makers, health care providers, people who are considering whether to become a parent or not, any postpartum parent and even any manager of a postpartum parent.
  • Will I be trained as a postpartum doula after this training?
    No. This is not a postpartum doula training. This training is geared to help support professionals through their already existing work, by deepening their knowledge or to help them specialise in this field.
  • Will you be running this training again?
    Postpartum Facilitators might run again in 2024.
  • I have a couple questions not answered here, how do I contact you?
    Would love to chat! E-mail me at hello (at) kelsiludvigsen (dot) com or even book a free 15 min chat with me below.
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