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Inwards Workbook

Inwards Workbook


Inwards: A Workbook for Designing your Postpartum Period 


A 26-page workbook to help you connect with yourself, prepare for your postpartum and feel nourished in the fourth trimester. 

Written with three phases in mind; The Pause, The Practical and The Passage.


Each are filled with



-Daily practices


-Book recommendations

-Nervous system regulating techniques

-Creating a postpartum basket

-Nourishing food

-And so much more 


In this workbook:

-You will feel steady and certain about what to prepare and what will guide you in the fourth trimester as a new mom. 


-You will become clear about what you need for the postpartum. 

-You will feel ready and excited to nourish yourself as a mamma of a newborn. 


-You will be guided with inquiry, daily practices to regulate your nervous system, knowing who should be on your support team, how to create a postpartum basket, what to eat, book recommendations, and writing prompts to prepare you emotionally and mentally for this monumental shift in your life. 

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