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Your Postpartum: A Planning + Preparing Workshop

Your Postpartum: A Planning + Preparing Workshop


A postpartum plan is the new birth plan.


Luckily the birth plan is a 1-time use. But let's be honest we will be using a postpartum plan  EVERYDAY!


So why not make it a solid one to lean on.


This workshop will be all about planning and preparing for the 4th trimester and beyond. By mapping out our realistic expectations, finding our coping skills, how to choose and design our support team, what physical recovery looks like, why we need rest, how to create a self-care plan, and who to put on our resource list, this workshop will mentally, emotionally and physically prepare you for the Postpartum period.


What's included:


1. Inwards Postpartum Workbook (Value $33) 

2. Your Postpartum Guide E-Book (Value $45) 

3. Webinar (Value $50) 


Total Value $128 and in this bundle you get it for $50!

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