The Passage

A 5-week Online Course on Preparing for the Portal of Postpartum

“After birth there’s a sacred window of time. A time for complete rejuvenation of a woman’s physical, mental and spiritual health. A time for deep, extended bonding with her newborn. The first 42 days after birth set the stage for her next 42 years.” -Ysha Oakes

Why should you take this course

  1. You are prepared for your pregnancy and birth but don't know where to start with the postpartum.

  2. You felt lonely or isolated in your last postpartum  

  3. You are unsure about how your life will change once you become a mother.  

What you will learn by the end of the course


  • What being prepared looks like to you so that you are present for your postpartum. This includes implementing holistic healing modalities to your post-birth body and self-care tools for your emotional and mental wellbeing. 

  • How loneliness and isolation are magnified by post-birth hormones and have a tremendous impact on your psyche and nervous system

  • How to create a dialogue with your community, partner, and yourself about the uncertainty of this next phase and how it will help your transition. 

  • You will have an understanding of the importance of rest, what nutrition will nourish you, and how to care for your newborn mother self. 

The Course Outline

We begin on February 15th and there are 5 modules. 


Module 1: Rest 

Module 2: Replenish 

Module 3: Receiving to Release

Module 4: Root 

Module 5: Remembering 


We will be covering the importance of the first hours after birth, what healing looks like the first few days and weeks after birth, our hormones and the impact it has on our nervous system, nutrition, breath, movement, matrescence our transition into motherhood, physical and emotional recovery, boundaries, how to create a postpartum plan, holistic birth recovery with herbs and healing practices. 

How the course works

  • A private Facebook group 

  • 5 Zoom Calls on Mondays (February 15th, 22nd, March 1st, 8th, 15th at 19:30-21:00 CET) 

  • Resource Handouts 

  • A Birth Story Listening Session 4 months after birth OR a Postpartum Follow-up session.

  • Inwards Postpartum Planning Workbook included 

  • If you sign up before February 8th you will get a 1-1 30 min postpartum planning session over zoom. 

Who is this course for? 

  • This is for any woman who is between 13 weeks pregnant and within 6 weeks postpartum. ​

  • 1st-time mother or 2nd or even 3rd-time mother! Its never too late to give yourself the postpartum you deserve. 

"The most difficult part of birth is the first year afterwards. It is the year of travail – when the soul of a woman must birth the mother inside her. The emotional labor pains of becoming a mother are far greater than the physical pangs of birth; these are the growing surges of your heart as it pushes out selfishness and fear and makes room for sacrifice and love. It is a private and silent birth of the soul, but it is no less holy than the event of childbirth, perhaps it is even more sacred." -Joy Kusek


 $333 (Expires January 29)


$444 (Expires February 8th)


 $555 (Expires February 15th)

About me

I am the mother of a 15-month-old daughter and I'm an entrepreneur, living in Copenhagen Denmark. 


Today, I am committed to guiding and supporting mothers from pre-conception to postpartum. Re-weaving and re-writing our stories so that we can heal and transform. I offer postpartum care, Birth Story listening and mother gatherings. 

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